a novel by Pamela Tremblay

Gracie pointed a glittery silver nail at me. “You are far too young to work this hard, Tammy Wynette Price. You need to date a couple of cowboys and have some fun.”

Every time she called me my given name, I regretted the night I had one too many tequila poppers at the Silver Spur and let it slip that my full name was Tammy Wynette Price.

My dad was a devoted Wynette fan. He could belt out “Stand by Your Man” without a whiff of self-consciousness and when it came time to name his only daughter, Mom said he wouldn’t even consider any other names. Gracie wasn’t shy about using this juicy tidbit of information if she wanted to humiliate me.

I said, “Someone around here has to be a responsible adult. Besides, I’m this close to solving the case and I can’t afford to slack off now.”

Author Pamela Tremblay

Pam Tremblay writes mysteries set in the far-flung corners of the American West. Her first book, Perseverance, is a thriller set in western Wyoming. When Pam started writing twenty years ago, she aspired to be a fantasy fiction writer, but realized her true voice as a writer came from her roots in the remote places of America. Her father is a master storyteller, and on the farm homesteaded by her great-grandparents, Pam grew up listening to his crazy (and mostly true) stories about local characters. Fantasy can take you to strange and remarkable places, she thought, but what could be more extraordinary and alien than the characters and tales of rural America? The descendants of the people from her father’s stories populate Pam’s books. She hears them speak; she knows their stories and their secrets. Her next book, Finding Oddsson, is a mystery about a 100 year old murder in North Dakota.


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